No Referral necessary

Hello, my name is Dr. Kelly Keogh

As a pediatrician, my goal is to ensure excellent, compassionate care for my patients, while providing them and their parents with the knowledge and educational resources that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

I am a "Sick Kids Doc.” I did my Pediatric Residency at Sick Kids from 1992-1996, an Emergency Medicine Fellowship from 1996-1999, then I became emergency staff for 19 years, during which time I completed a Master’s Degree in the of Science of Community Health.

As of July 1, 2017, I am "semi-retired.” I will always love and be closely connected with Sick Kids: my walls at the clinic are covered with Sick Kids literature from Now I work 4 days a week at Golden Mile because... I love it!

  • Since visit times are constrained by walk-in style of our clinic, complicated and ongoing concerns are referred by me to Subspecialty Pediatrician colleagues i.e. behavior concerns.
  • If I see a child who is very sick, I send them with a note to the Emergency Department. On more than one occasion, I have called 911 for urgent cases.
  • Immunizations done with well baby checks.